Classic Soft Trim

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If you have not purchased your car, truck, or SUV, you will probably want to purchase your leather interior through your car dealer. You may choose to finance your new car, truck, or SUV and adding the purchase price of your leather interior to the vehicle financing package is a desirable method of payment. Direct purchase from CST requires payment by credit card.

Most car dealers are familiar with and currently use Classic Soft Trim. Just ask for us!

If you are purchasing the car, truck, or SUV from a dealer, ask about us. Adding the purchase price of leather seat covers and other upgrades to the loan is the best option.

If you are purchasing a vehicle from an individual, go to our contact page or call the CST location nearest you for more information.

We have seat covers for the most popular vehicle models dating back to 1988. We will need some specific information to confirm the leather interior pattern availability. Please call the CST location nearest you.

CST has dozens of company installation centers in most major cities combined with dozens of authorized installation centers in most metropolitan areas.

Yes we do! See our warranty page for all the details.


Winter Sale Specials!


$200 off a specialty leather install

$100 off a factory match leather install

$150 off a sunroof install

$15 off heated seat installs

Please call or stop in for a whole list of specials.