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Classic Soft Trim offers over 2,500 car, truck, and SUV leather interior patterns, with the most desired styles available in the industry today.

Materials & Manufacturing

Long lasting beauty is inherent in each leather interior because we use only the finest automotive grade leather available.

Our leather inspectors hand select each hide for consistency in appearance and grain texture. Our leather is soft and luxurious because our experienced craftsmen use only the best sections of each leather hide. Durability is built into every leather interior by our highly skilled sewers using precision equipment and the finest materials in the industry. Extensive quality control inspections are performed on every leather interior in adherence with CST’s strict quality standards.


Classic Soft Trim offers virtually limitless customization options for your car, truck, or SUV seat covers including dozens of color choices, two-tones, contrast stitching and more.


You can choose from the widest variety of colors and textures available. Pick your leather seat covers with custom combinations of leather, exotics, and even carbon fiber.


Ostrich Leather
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Standard Colors
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Special Colors
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Two-tone leather interiors are among the most popular customization options. Change the inserts or full center sections of seat covers to create your own distinctive look.


Two Tone Examples


Two-Tone Design
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Contrast Stitching

Double stitching is sewn using a color that contrasts the leather. If you want a distinctive look, contrast stitching will make the difference!


Contrast Stitching
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Contrast Thread Colors
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Perforation, Pleats, and Piping

Perforated inserts allow better “breathing” between the leather seat cover and the occupant. It’s most often used to create a sporty look within a two-tone seat cover. Or for a classy touch, we also offer pleated inserts.

With piping, you can add dramatic contrast or subtle elegance with welt cord enhancement of the seat cover seams.


Perforation Example
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Pleated Inserts
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Embroidery & Embossing

Add personalization to your car, truck, or SUV leather interior with embroidered logos created with stitching in up to 3 colors. Or add logos of your choice embossed with “heat seal,” where logos are pressed into the leather for a subtle look.


Embroidery Thread Colors
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Embroidery Example
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Heat Seal Example
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In partnership with your car dealership and backed by extensive liability insurance, we will bring you only the safest products installed by our skilled technicians.

Your car, truck, or SUV comes standard with many safety features. Some of these, such as side airbags and side curtain airbags require the greatest care and engineering for accessories like leather interiors and power sunroofs.

Achieving our ISO 9001 manufacturing status and our constant attention to safety means you can have the utmost in confidence that our products will retain and uphold your vehicle’s standard safety equipment functionality and reliability.

You’ll breathe easy knowing you’re covered when purchasing a Classic Soft Trim accessory.


CST leather interiors come with a lifetime warranty for the car, truck, or SUV’s original owner. Nobody else does that!

Coast to coast your Premium Leather Seat Covers and Power Sunroof are safe from defects of craftsmanship and material. For full details on our warranty, click here.

We also know you’ll want to take great care of that beautiful new leather interior, so we’ve compiled some helpful leather care tips here. Take care of the leather interior, and it’ll take care of you.

Winter Sale Specials!


$200 off a specialty leather install

$100 off a factory match leather install

$150 off a sunroof install

$15 off heated seat installs

Please call or stop in for a whole list of specials.