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Classic Soft Trim is dedicated to bringing you the finest in automotive upgrades with quality materials, distinctive designs, and great customer service.

About Us

Classic Soft Trim began manufacturing quality replacement seat covers for the automotive industry in 1969. In the early 1980’s, we pioneered the aftermarket leather seat cover industry providing leather interiors where limited or no factory leather interiors were available. Since then CST has become the world’s leading aftermarket provider of leather interiors for cars, trucks, and SUVs. Classic Soft Trim has factory-owned installation centers and authorized installers in most major cities in the U.S. In 1996, CST broadened its capabilities to include sunroof installation and we are now the nation’s leading aftermarket installer of sunroofs.

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With ease, pick your desired year, make, model, trim. Then, unleash your creativity by selecting your design.


Get in touch with a Classic Soft Trim interior specialist to schedule your installation appointment.


Elevate your driving experience with the exquisite elegance of a Classic Soft Trim premium interior.

Our leather interiors are simply the best.


We select the best automotive-grade leather and match it to our painstakingly perfect patterns and then put it through our custom manufacturing process. We make sure your leather interior is the absolute best.


Want two-tone seat covers with your personalized color selections? Perforated seating surfaces? Contrast stitching? All that and more is possible through Classic Soft Trim.



Your safety is our top priority, so all our seat covers are airbag certified. You never have to sacrifice safety for a great looking interior. That’s a promise from Classic Soft Trim.


How does a limited lifetime warranty sound? We thought you’d like that. With a Classic Soft Trim leather interior in your car, you can rest easy.



Classic Soft Trim offers Car Seat Covers meticulously crafted from top-tier automotive grade materials, tailored specifically to your vehicle’s specifications. Whether you own a Car, SUV, or Truck, Classic Soft Trim provides a diverse range of styles to suit your vehicle. Whether you seek to safeguard your original upholstery, enhance driving comfort, or elevate your interior’s aesthetics, our solutions cater to your needs. Our Custom Seat Covers are accompanied by a perfect fit guarantee, as they are meticulously designed from precise patterns for both front and back seats. Combining laser cutting and expert hand sewing, each seat cover exudes a bespoke appearance. Our team of experts is readily available via phone or chat to assist you every step of the way.


By consistently delivering well-crafted seat covers, Classic Soft Trim has established itself as a prominent brand in the industry. This reputation is built upon a foundation of customer feedback, which serves as a wellspring of ideas driving innovative design and the introduction of new product features. Unlike Facebook and Instagram, our inspiration stems directly from our valued customers.

Acknowledgment within the Industry

Classic Soft Trim has garnered recognition as an award-winning line of seat covers, earning accolades from major retailers across America. We take great pride in being nominated or winning esteemed titles such as “Rookie of the Year,” “Most Valuable Partner,” and “Vendor of the Year.” Such recognition from the aftermarket industry and our peers is a genuine honor. Furthermore, our involvement in industry associations including SEMA (Specialty Equipment Market Association), NTEA (National Truck Equipment Association), and LTAA (Light Truck Accessory Alliance) showcases our commitment to the industry. Additionally, we maintain an exceptional A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

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Classic Soft Trim is much more than leather seat covers. We’re a one-stop shop for sunroofs, electronics, seat heaters and much more to make your car, truck, or SUV truly YOURS.

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Signature Sunroofs​

Do you want light, ventilation, and that wind-in-your-hair feeling? We partner with the best aftermarket sunroof manufacturer on the planet, Signature Sunroofs, to give you just what you’re looking for.

Seat Heaters

Keep your hiney warmed with our seat heaters throughout those cold, cold winters. It’s affordable and effective.



Get the latest in automotive entertainment and tech solutions from partners like Rosen Electronics and more. We install and you just sit back and enjoy.


You can choose from the widest variety of colors and textures available. Pick your leather seat covers with custom combinations of leather, exotics, and even carbon fiber.

Contrast Stitch Length
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Contrast Stitch Length
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Embroidery Thread
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To Know More About Materials, Manufacturing, Two-Tone, Contrast Stitching, Perforation, Pleats, Piping, Embroidery, Embossing & Safety


You can choose from the widest variety of colors and textures available. Pick your leather seat covers with custom combinations of leather, exotics, and even carbon fiber.

Ostrich Leather
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Standard Colors
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Special Colors
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To Know More About Materials, Manufacturing, Two-Tone, Contrast Stitching, Perforation, Pleats, Piping, Embroidery, Embossing & Safety

Customer Reviews

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It, Read What Our Customers Have to Say About Classic Soft Trim…

Based on 28 reviews
Irvin Mateo
Irvin Mateo
DO NOT go here!!! I order Katzkin leathers seats. Setup the appointment at this location. Talked to someome there. I dropped off my new car early morning and picked it up later that day. I was horrified when I saw my new leather seats. They definitely rushed the install. There was dust everywhere, the leather seats had wrinkles throughout the whole car. The wiring for the heated seats was sticking out everywhere. The foam was literally sticking out of the driver seat, passenger seat and back seats. The heated pads was installed incorrectly. My head rest was stuck, it wouldn't go down. The back seats were reinstalled incorrectly and popped off the clips while driving back home. I was so furious. I stayed in there parking lot taking pictures. They ignored my calls, didn't let me in. Close shop early. I can smell cigarettes in my car. I don't smoke cigarettes. It was really bad.... I wish I could upload pictures to show you all. Thankfully, after sending the pictures to Katzin headquarters. They refunded me 60% of what I paid. That's how bad the install was. They do not have the proper tools or equipment or unqualified employees. They didn't care about quality. It looked like a child install my leather seats. I would not recommend this place especially for leather installation. Katzkin said they will not be working with them anymore. Hopefully, they won't. Because damn. It was bad. Bad!
Great customer service and great work.. prices are very good spoke with Tami so pleasant and nice....
joseph lahood
joseph lahood
Made an appointment for two heated seats on my 2022 Ram Classic. Ill update next week. Asked for some foam between springs and lower cushion. They do work on brand be vehicles in hoping for the best.
Walter Stred
Walter Stred
Excellent work. Very competitive prices, car was in and out in less than a day.
Joe Miller
Joe Miller
Just had leather seats put in my pickup, they look stock, great job and was able to pick up/drop off after hours, they’ve done my sisters car as well. Would definitely recommend.
Mark Bernier
Mark Bernier
AWESOME service!! Put heated seats in for my GF car and they worked around my schedule to make it happen. Really happy with the product and the service!!
Ian Kannaly
Ian Kannaly
Great service and fast would highly recommend them very professional
Clive Mathieu
Clive Mathieu
They installed parking sensor on my 2019 Toyota, and it does not work properly. Sensor should go off only when in REAR in reverse, FRONT transmission out of park, and moving approx 6 mph. The sensor goes off all the time. I DO NOT RECOMMENDED THIS COMPANY. Actually they supposedly do seat covering and trim. Not sure why they are installing electronics. I did not chose them. DANVER TOYOTA selected them to do this installation.

CST Warranty

Classic Soft Trim is the Nation’s largest installer of Premium Automotive Leather Interiors, Power Sunroofs and Mobile Video Systems. If you’ve purchased our products, you’re covered!

No other Premium Leather Seat Cover offers a lifetime warranty to the vehicle’s original owner! Coast to coast your Premium Leather Seat Covers and Power Sunroof are safe from defects of craftsmanship and material. Please reference the warranty copy in your vehicle if you have a quality question. An inspection sticker in the driver’s door jam of your car, truck, or SUV will help any service professional at any car dealership take care of any concerns you may have. Please forward the Inspecting Employee Number on the sticker when addressing any concerns.

Please forward the Inspecting Employee Number on the sticker when addressing any concerns.We hope you’ve made your car your way and thank you for your patronage with Classic Soft Trim.