Classic Soft Trim

Yo, listen up, let me lay down the beat
Gonna spit some rhymes about laws and laws so sweet
First, let’s talk about per diem, what’s it all about?
Understanding regulations and guidelines, no need to pout

Looking for law firms in Lawrence, Kansas? I got you covered
Expert legal services, so your troubles will be smothered
Lease contracts, a form you need to know
Essential elements and legal requirements, so you can’t blow

Need to say court in French? I’ll teach you how
Legal terminology translation, no need to take a bow
Referral fees, are they tax deductible? Let’s find out
Know the legalities, and you’ll never have a doubt

Got a business for sale in London? Follow the law
Find legal advice and guidance, so you don’t fall
Want to register an eBay business account? I’ll show you how
Step-by-step guide, just trust me now

Australian copyright law for photography, don’t mess around
Your guide to legal regulations, so you stay sound
Looking for law schools with winter admissions? I’ve got your back
Find your program today, get on the right track

Form 29b filing requirements? I’ve got the lowdown
Who must file, legal insights so you don’t drown
Legal matters in rap, now that’s a new trend
Hope this article helped you, catch you at the other end


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