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Yo, listen up, let me tell you a story

It’s all about the law and its endless glory

So, you wanna know how court proceedings work?

Follow this link, don’t be a jerk

Monash University got a new deal in town

Check out the enterprise agreement, don’t let it bring you down

Got a small claim in NZ and you’re feeling lost?

Learn about the fees, it won’t cost you a lot

Need an example of executed contract? Look no further

IRS got some beneficiary rules, don’t be a blur

Online or offline, draft your legal docs with ease

Get your hands on customizable templates, it’s a breeze

Residing in WA and need a lease agreement?

Find the form that’s heaven-sent

Want to dive deep into the Potsdam Agreement?

Download the PDF, knowledge is your implement

Wondering how the laws are enforced, it’s quite a spectacle

Get a breakdown of the process, it’s nothing to tackle

Legal eagle seeking jobs at Mahindra, don’t be on the fence

Unravel the opportunities, let your career commence

So, there you have it, a guide to the legal jungle

Hope these resources help you avoid the legal bungle

Remember, knowledge is power, don’t be shy

Embrace the law, reach for the sky


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