Classic Soft Trim

If you re looking for the best car upholstery in Fort Myers, FL and surrounding areas, look no further than Classic Soft Trim. We specialize in leather car seat designs and features, including heated and ventilated seats. We also carry sunroofs, tonneau covers, running boards, steps, and do miscellaneous leather and cloth repairs that will make your ride stand out from the rest. Alongside our products is a team of experts that know how to get any job done right the first time--and at great prices too! Stop by today and see what we have in store for you!

Automotive Leather Care in Houston

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By using the Classic Soft Trim service, you can make the leather in your cars, trucks, and SUVs more versatile. We are the market leader in leather and car styling, and we do a lot of work with dealerships in Houston. Our best services include installing automotive-grade leather, repairing, sewing, embossing, piping, and perforating leather. We care about our customers and want them to be happy, so we offer leather seat covers with more choices than anyone else.

CST Takes Care of Electronics in Cars

Do you want to install high-quality electronics in your car? Call us or send us an email right now to get a free quote on our full line of electronic products for cars. Our high-quality electronic products include DVD players, a navigation system, monitors for the headrests, a backup camera, and a system for changing lanes. Enjoy every mile and stay safe with the help of our high-quality, long-lasting products.


Misc. Leather Repair

Classic Soft Trim is a leader in automotive leather and restyling. Protect your leather with our expert leather cleaning, conditioning, recoloring, restoring, and repairing services. Our technicians can fix every repair like burns, cuts, spills, and scratches.

Misc. Cloth Repairs

Classic Soft Trim has become the nation’s largest market for automotive styling. The skilled workers of Classic Soft Trim have years of experience in cloth repair on any vehicle model, cars, trucks, and SUVs. We provide a complete range of automotive restoration and interior styling. Our team has expert knowledge and skill to add each detail with great attention.


Seat heaters

Classic Soft Trim provides an excellent seat heater repair solution for all your needs. Our workers’ expert knowledge and skills help effortlessly repair even the most challenging seat heaters under the car, truck, or SUV’s upholstery.

Climate Controlled Seatings

Summer is around the corner. Install climate-controlled seatings or repair ventilated seats with Classic Soft Trim for any vehicle, including cars, trucks, or SUVs. Our expert service for climate-controlled seatings is unparalleled in Houston.



Classic Soft Trim is the leading power Sunroof installer in the US Market. Now you can get benefit from our services under your budget. Sunroof installation is the best option to cover your needs if appropriately positioned and insulated. We support numerous options and configurations like pop-up, electric top-slider, and built-in sliders almost in any vehicle. Classic Soft Trim has expert technicians to fix a variety of sunroofs, including manual, automatic, glass, or fabric.


Classic Soft Trim specializes in Auto headliner replacement and other upholstery repair services. We provide you customized headliner kit for purchase or repair affordably. Call us for a free estimate for any repair or purchase with our most reliable experts.


Tonneau Covers

We install and repair the premium quality Tonneau Covers to ensure the protection of your valuables. Classic Soft Trim has an experience over the years to stand out from others in the market. Our custom-designed tonneaus are made with top-quality materials to meet the weather and road requirements and are safe to use.

Running boards and Steps

Meet all your automotive needs with our high-quality running boards and step bars. We believe in adding style, comfort, durability, and protection. Our running board installation services include installing a running board and steps to protect your vehicle from road debris, step up, and keep your automotive interior clean. We facilitate a wide range of running board materials for all our clients.


Wheels and tires

Enhance your off-road driving with Classic Soft Trim’s expert lift kits. Call us if you live in Houston for our professional assistance in choosing wheels and tires for your vehicle’s best type and style.

Lift kits

Classic Soft Trim manufactures customized lift kits, branded lift kits, and special kits for the optimal performance of your car. Classic Soft Trim specializes in lift kits, suspension kits, leveling kits, shocks, and leather interiors. Talk to us if you want to make your dream car real with us.

Level kits

Classic Soft Trim believes in providing unparalleled quality service in leveling your vehicle. Our professional leveling kits and leveling lifts help eliminate road risks by raising the front without damaging the undercarriage. Our experts help expand your trucks and SUVs for extended performance and look. Contact us to schedule our experts’ suggestions.



Classic Soft Trim is dedicated to bringing the finest services for your automotive updates. The distinctive designs, excellent customer service, and quality products have enabled them to be the leading automotive stylers in Houston. We install and repair cars, trucks, and SUVs accessories like light bars, flares, and switch panels. Visit us or call us to learn more about our premium services.


Classic Soft Trim provides a reliable winching service to keep you safe from being stuck in the middle of your journey. We are fully equipped with any necessary equipment to facilitate Houston’s quick and efficient winching services. All our light winching products are featured at a low cost, high-quality control, and low noise.

Fender Flares

Classic Soft Trim is the leading Fender Flares provider in Houston. Fender flares are the best solution for extended tire coverage and better aesthetics for your trucks and SUVs. Add style and functionality with our high-quality fender flares from renowned manufacturers to meet our customers’ needs.



The painters at the Classic Soft Trim are highly professional in painting and other automotive services at reasonable rates. Our professionals use micro applicators, syringes, and other tools for your car touch-up painting. We are committed to excellence with our high-quality service and low prices.


Make your vehicle significantly cool and comfortable with our premium multi-film tints. We have various car window tints to protect you and your vehicle’s interior from harmful UV penetrations. Stay connected with the Classic Soft Trim to avail its premium quality automotive tinting in Houston.


Classic Soft Trim provides premium upholstery and automotive services. We offer incredible wrap installation services for automotive of any model and make to ensure protection and enhancement. Customer satisfaction is our aim, and we achieve it by providing high-grade wraps with a unique variety of colors at fair prices. Contact us to choose from our hundreds of color and wrap types to design a new look and versatility for your cars, trucks, and SUVs.


Winter Sale Specials!


$200 off a specialty leather install

$100 off a factory match leather install

$150 off a sunroof install

$15 off heated seat installs

Please call or stop in for a whole list of specials.