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“Ovaries before brovaries,” Leslie Knope as soon as counseled and she ended up being more or less spot-on correct. Yes, it’s always a kick to hang down with male co-workers after finishing up work, or to play a rousing online game of label soccer on Thanksgiving along with your cousins. Dudes can be great in a lot of ways—especially once they’re upwards for going a giant furniture piece to a U-Haul or getting a brilliant scary terror motion picture your girlfriends simply don’t want observe.

Men may be wonderful. But there are some cases (
since this Buzzfeed post shown
) when it does indeed help your individual next to you knows most of the problems of menstrual cramps and the removal of glitter nail enamel. So, girl friends, this option is for you. Within honor, the 16 instances you have enjoyed additional ladies above all else (such as bacon and/or the right white tee shirt):


Getting an


onest view about clothing.

Often requesting a viewpoint and just reading a delicate “hmmm…” and a three second pause from a friend (and sometimes even a stranger or switching room attendant) speaks quantities. Definitely better than a generic “Hon, you appear great in every thing” from your date.


When another woman puts a stop to you from
going into the restroom stall
it doesn’t have any toilet paper.

Honestly, that has been a close one.


Arriving at a fellow over-served girl’s recovery.

If you see a girl at a bar or celebration that’s had a touch too a lot to drink almost leave or be in an auto with creeper, but another woman or band of ladies brings the girl apart and keeps the girl secure instead.


While wishing in a horrifically long-line the bathroom at some occasion and everyone simply decides to commiserate, to pal about and come up with in-jokes together.

(we honestly think i have had many of the funniest discussions of my entire life while waiting in a restroom line at
Comic Con


When someone


compliments another women’s sweater/nail art/purse/sneakers versus merely coveting said product

. Added bonus: at these times they will actually show where exactly they found it and whether it’s a) available, or b) if there are just extra-extra-smalls left… damn.


Tampon problems:

they may be great at this (I adore you, lady when you look at the break-room at your workplace).


Discussing hairstyle tips

and generally merely charm methods

. Truth be told, it is not a discussion for with directly men.


“we broke a nail” could be the planet’s a lot of prissy cliché, but, just who cares, if the woman next to you sees you freaking around over a horrendously painful torn nail and provides right up an emery board/nail file…it’s awesome.

We see you, girls, therefore we adore you.


Sharing a disgusted sideways go through the clearly gratuitous underwear/nude scene for the flick you are both viewing.

The guys may well not have it, but one look from a fellow shell-shocked cousin two rows before you is perhaps all you ought to re-affirm the reality that you aren’t heading insane. You complete myself,

Superstar Trek

girl whom almost shouted, “You’re joking, proper”

Into Darkness



The little nod of approval and knowing laugh through the woman who showed up wearing alike jacket/dress/top/outfit whilst

(great minds believe alike!).


Two words: Clothing swap.

You should not spend cash once roommate features a closet like an H&M “new arrivals” rack.

View the


When a complete stranger sees that you’re bored stiff to tears within party/bar/concert and begins a full-length, in-depth discussion concerning the advantages and disadvantages of matchmaking Ryan Gosling



If you are from the gymnasium and girl next to you can make a tale about coming to the gymnasium,

like the way you’ll have the ability to consume pair items of cake most likely with this sweating. It will make for an easier exercise, believe me.


When they sit quietly with you after a crisis and simply provide a hug.

Often, you certainly do not need information, simply
the coziness of being around someone
just who gets that you’d quite maybe not talk about it.


An individual helps make a blatantly sexist review and you also and an arbitrary lady use the best death-stares together.

And most notably:


Once you all come together using the internet at a female-empowering web site like HelloGiggles and speak about most of the cool and amazing items you carry out for one another.

Uteruses before duderuses



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