Beyond our leather interiors, Classic Soft Trim offers a complete line of automotive style upgrades like sunroofs, electronic entertainment and safety systems, seat heaters, and more for cars, trucks, and SUVs.



Classic Soft Trim is the largest installer of aftermarket sunroofs in the United States.

Many of our new car dealer customers appreciate the advantage of one-stop installation of Classic Soft Trim leather seat cover and sunroof packages.

Sunroofs are available in a wide variety of options and configurations, including pop-up, electric top-slider, and full in-built electric. Our experience allows us to identify and install a sunroof in almost any vehicle.

Classic Soft Trim installs only the finest and most reliable Mobile electronics products on the market today.

With entertainment solutions and upgrades like DVD players, headrest monitors, navigation systems and CD players, we’ll make your drive more pleasant and enjoyable. And with safety solutions like back-up cameras and lane-change systems, we’ll make your drive more safe.

Whatever you choose, you can trust Classic Soft Trim to install it right.



Have something special in mind? Ask us and we’ll try and help!